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Cartoon Logos

A logo is a graphical element created like a symbol, icon or other graphical forms that speak of a particular trademark or brand. Logos are designed in such a way so that it could be easily identified by the viewers along with its distinction from other company logos. Logo is one aspect of a company brand or entity. Like any other usual logo type cartoon logos also differ in their economic entity, shapes, fonts, colors and images. Like other logos Cartoon logos help us in identifying place of their origin. The word "logo" is derived from the original word "logotype".

The present version of 'logo' has been used in describing signs, emblems, coats of arms, symbols and even flags. Cartoon logos are designed always differently in order to avoid the possibilities of being mingled. Different cartoon strip has different logo types once these logos are designed they are registered by the company or organization maintaining their sole authority.

There are some characteristics of a good cartoon logo discussed below:
  • They should be made unique, avoiding the danger of being confused with other logos among the viewers.
  • Logos should be highly functional so that they can be used in many different contexts. They should not be changed even little whether reproduced small or large
  • Logos should accurately maintain its integrity when printed over different fabrics or materials.
  • Logos display basic principles of design i.e., space, consistency, color, form, and clarity
  • Cartoon logos should appropriately represent the brand.

Some famous cartoon logos are like Looney Tunes, Hanna Barbera, Leo the Lion, Boomerang, cartoon orbit, Toonami and many others. There are many cartoonists who apart form designing cartoon images also design cartoon logos. Cartoon logos are found more effective when they are designed taking the characters from that particular cartoon show or clip to which it represents.

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