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Cartoon Quotes

Quotes are used to highlight an idea or a thought in a more emphasized way. In a broader sense quotes are used for representing the entire thought in a more remarkable way. Like newspapers and magazines cartoon quotes are also used to highlight an event, situation and an entire story in a more detailed pattern.

Types of Cartoon Quotes:

There are different types of quotes such as T-Shirt quotes, funny quotes, movie quotes, inspirational quotes, cute quotes, friendship quotes, motivational quotes, famous quotes and many other such type of quotes. Cartoon quotes are presented in both animated and non animated patterns. Nowadays there are animated cartoon quotes often available in different cartoon series. The American motion picture is regarded as the pioneer of animated cartoon films with animated cartoon quotes. Usually Cartoon quotes are different from the educational quotes. Cartoon quotes should always be highly entertaining unless they lose their authenticity. Whatever may be the type of cartoon they should be entertaining as well as satirical.

Famous Cartoon Quotes:

Many famous cartoon quotes have been developed form different famous cartoon series such as Babs Bunny: Who can think of candy at a time like this, That's OK, Petri, lots of things can't fly. Rocks, trees, sticks, Spike." ---"The Land before Time", Duckman: Did I ever tell you my Dad's last words to me? "My little baby, off to destroy people." By Mushu, "Mulan","How dare you take advantage of my blithering idiot!" of Ren on Stimpy, "It's a beautiful day, but not as beautiful as me." of Johnny Bravo "My crayons are beautiful, they're just not...magic." by Bubbles from "Powerpuff Girls","Okay, I love ya, bye bye!" by baby Mindy of "Animaniacs".

There are some websites that provide cartoon quotes collected from different sources. There are options even for those who like to write quotations. You can give your cartoon quotes to different websites and get your name published along with your creation. Some online services are there that offer high revenue in exchange of quotes forwarded.

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