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Cartoon Studio

A studio is a place dedicated to the teaching and practice of any art form. It is an artist's workroom and establishment. Studios are dedicated to production of movies, television shows, or radio programs. There are different types of studios serving different disciplinary fields one such type is the cartoon studio. Cartoon studio is a place where different carton images are brought up. Owing to the greater demand for cartoon works many cartoon studios have been made throughout the world some major ones are focused in this content:

The Simpsons Cartoon Studio:

The Simpsons Cartoon Studio is entirely dedicated to animation cartooning. The Simpsons Cartoon Studio develops design application for creating small cartoons using characters, sounds, music, and locations taken from the television show The Simpsons. This Cartoon Studio included 270 props, 50 special effects and 45 backgrounds. The Simpsons Cartoon Studio was created with over 10,000 individual cells, hand-drawn by actual Simpson's cartoonists.

Cartoon Network Studio:

Cartoon Network Studios is considered as the successor of the Hanna-Barbera Studios. It is an American animated cartoon production. The studio began in 1994 as a supplementary of Hanna-Barbera Cartoons which used to produce only original programming for the Cartoon Network, including some famous Hanna-Barbera creations like Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls.

Universal Cartoon Studio:

Universal Cartoon Studios is entirely dedicated to animation and features division of Universal Studios. This cartoon studio produces animated features, along with the Amblin Entertainment, as well as the Nelvana.

Disney Cartoon Studio:

The Walt Disney Animation Studio produces cartoon images for the Walt Disney Company. It is considered as an integrated part of Walt Disney Productions from 1934 to 1986. This cartoon studio officially became a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company. Until 2007, the studio was named as Walt Disney Feature Animation (WDFA). It was renamed reflecting its changing direction under the new management.

Pixar Animation Studio:

The Pixar Studio is an American computer animation studio. It is based in Emeryville, California USA. The studio is much famous for its achievement of seven Academy Awards. It became more famous for its CGI animated feature films like Finding Nemo, Toy Story and Cars.

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