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Cat Cartoon

Cartoons are drawn on different concepts such as dolls, people, animals including dogs and cats, dolls and many fictitious characters. Since cartoons are usually drawn for children, creating image of animal cartoons is very common as children are found fascinated of animals. Many types of Cat cartoons are created some of these types are also used in creating following fictional cat characters:

Fat Cat:

Fat cat is a fictional character is a fictional character created for The Walt Disney Company. Fat cat was presented in the late 1980s animated series Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers as a cat crime boss. In the series Fat Cat is often found accompanied by four minions. They are not presented as intelligent like the fat cat. In spite of his gang members stupidity, Fat Cat often sends them for doing his work as he considers himself too smart to do his works himself.

Fraidy Cat:

Fraidy Cat cartoon was created in 1975 for comical children's cartoon show for the commercial children show Uncle Croc's Block. This cartoon starred Fraidy Cat, an unlucky and dejected cat who, like all cats, has nine lives, but has used up eight of them, and is on his ninth and last life.

Smarty Cat:

Smarty Cat was produced in 1954 as a part of Tom and Jerry cartoon show. Smarty cat was released in 1955. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera directed Smarty Cat was produced by Fred Quimby.

How to Draw Cat Cartoon:

While drawing animal cartoon like the cat cartoon first of all you are supposed to select a cat cartoon of your choice. Select a cat cartoon and then create its basic construction by using some simple drawing methods. Since while drawing cartoons proper balancing of outline shapes play an important role. Hence it is necessary to begin your cat cartoon drawing in simple details by creating a basic outline which is very important. First of all create a rough body sketch and pose of your pet.

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