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Christmas Cartoons

A cartoon is a comic image having plenty of meanings, especially related to the situation. The word cartoon has been derived from the Italian word Cartone and Dutch word Karton, meaning strong, heavy paper or pasteboard. Cartoon images are made as full-size drawing on paper for creating drawings such as a tapestry or painting. In the beginning, cartoons were used for making frescoes to properly link the component parts of the composition when it was painted over plaster for many days. Those cartoons often had some imperfections especially in the outline area of the design which were picked out in the plaster. Though many great cartoonists have emerged, the cartoons of Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci are still treasured. Randy Glasbergen one of America's most published cartoonist is famous for his cartroon illustration of different types.

Christmas is a festival when we try to provide a new and fresh appeal to all our activities. Christmas brings a new energy and we like to put that novelty everywhere; from writing exciting messages for our close ones to change our present surroundings with a vibrant fresh look. There are many magazines and online sources which provide plenty of funny Christmas cartoon images. Christmas cartoons also include images of Santa, Elves, and Reindeer.

Types of Christmas Cartoon:

Christmas cartoons are created depending on varied Christmas related concepts such as

  • funny Christmas cartoons
  • animal cartoon images
  • animated cartoons with funny messages
  • cartoon Santa
  • Christmas sceneries
  • many other Christmas themed graphics

    One popular form of Christmas cartoon is the image of animated Santa, where a funny illustration of Santa animates with a large gift sack on his shoulders. Other famous types of Christmas cartoon images include

  • small Santa head
  • Santa filling stocking on the mantle
  • Victorian looking Santa Claus
  • a cheery Father Christmas waving hands to his children

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