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Dog Cartoons

Cartoon is a wide concept. Cartoons are drawn on different concepts as dolls, people, and animals including pet and wild animals like dogs, cats, tigers, bear, monkey, dolls and many fictitious characters. Since cartoons are usually drawn for children, creating image of animal cartoons is very common as children are highly fascinated of animals. Many types of dog cartoons are created some of these types are also used in creating:

How to Draw Dog Cartoon:

While drawing animal cartoon like the dog cartoon first of all you are supposed to select a dog cartoon image of your choice. Select a dog cartoon and then create its basic construction by using some simple drawing methods. Create proper balance in your cartoon drawing by bringing harmony in the outline shapes of your drawing. Create your dog cartoon drawing in minute details by creating a basic outline which is very important. Begin your drawing by creating a rough body sketch and pose of your pet.

Many cartoon series have been created on dog cartoons some are discussed below:

  • Zoot Rumpus:

    Zoot Rumpus is a cartoon series on the Junkyard Dog. This animated television series is soon going to be telecast on Cartoon Network. The Show is created by Kaz.

  • Bad Dog:

    Bad Dog is an animated cartoon series which was aired on ABC and Teletoon during 1998. This cartoon series focused on a pet dog Berkeley living with Potanski family. The show became especially popular because of the dog cartoon character Berkeley and his mischievous pranks.

  • Puttin' on the Dog:

    Puttin' on the Dog was a cartoon series created in 1944 by director William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and produced by Fred Quimby. This cartoon series was released on October 28 1944. The series presents some dog cartoons, dog house along with Tom and Jerry.

  • The Dog House:

    The Dog House is a Tom and Jerry cartoon show created in 1952 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. This cartoon series presents the never ending chase between Tom and Jerry in a very funny manner.

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