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Famous Cartoonists

Cartoonists are the people who excel in drawing cartoons. The term Cartoonists is also applied to those who produce anime, manga, comic books, editorial cartoons and different other cartoon related works such as animation. There are many famous cartoonists who specialize in drawing cartoons by applying the traditional method of sketching rough pictures by pencil. Often cartoonists work with intention of online publication an increasingly demanding work in digital media. Though there are many famous cartoonists only few are discussed in this content:

Walt Disney: Walt Disney was born on 5th December, 1901 in Chicago. Walt started his career as an artist drawing horses, cows & bags of feed for farm equipment catalogs. Later he excelled in the art of animation from the Kansas City Film Ad Co., and moved to Hollywood, California to setup his own studio. Walt Disney became worldwide famous for the Mickey Mouse character which he created in 1928. In his 43 years old career he won 26 Oscar awards 7 Emmys. He also got many awards from different colleges like Yale, Harvard, and the University of Southern California. He was also awarded for Presidential Medal of Freedom, and France's Legion of Honor medal. Walt Disney is considered a visionary cartoonist.

Bill Amend: Bill Amend who was born in 1962 was one of famous cartoonists known for his widely acclaimed works. It is said that Bill Amend never took any formal lesson in cartooning as he never wanted to be a cartoonist. He became famous for his work "Foxtrot". Foxtrot first began running in papers on April 10, 1988 when Bill Amend was 25 and in the beginning phase of his career.

Bill Watterson: Bill Watterson the creator of the famous "Calvin and Hobbes" was born on 5th July 1958 in Washington DC. For acquiring his studies he went to Kenyon College. Bill Watterson also worked as an editorial cartoonist for 6 months at the Cincinnati Post. In the year 1985 he did the famous "Calvin and Hobbes" in 1985. In 1986, 1988, and 1992 he won the Rueben award for the National Cartoonists Society.

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