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Flash Cartoons

A flash cartoon is a type of animated film which is created by applying adobe flash animation software. Flash cartoons are often distributed in the 'swf file format'. Flash cartoons are a type of movement and visual style which is created in many circles and appears either simplistic or unpolished. With the success of flash animation or flash cartoons this art is developing day by day breaking all leaps and bounds. During 1990s when this technology was not that developed Flash animation artists use to apply little animation touch or cutout animation while creating projects intended for web distribution. Flash cartoons when distributed through the World Wide Web they are termed as Internet cartoons, online cartoons, or webtoons. Flash cartoons are often interactive and are created in series.

Historical Perspective of Flash Cartoons:

The first formal use of flash cartoon was done by John Kricfalusi creator of Ren & Stimpy. He initiated the mission of creating cartoon illustration on the internet. On November 1999 Von Ghouls in its live program featured the first music group along with online cartoon series including original songs, in the vein of Saturday morning cartoons of the 1970s. During this period some adult flash cartoons were also featured on internet. Some cartoon shows including the Queer Duck, Gary the Rat, Happy Tree Friends, the politically-minded JibJab shorts and the very popular Homestar Runner also transferred to different traditional media.

Present scenario of Flash Cartoons:

In present scenario, the enormous development in the flash cartoons technology, Flash animations are widely used in the multiuser area with flash generators and embeded videos in user's profiles all through the Internet. Different popular versions are developing with the increasing success of the technology. Flash animations are also provided on different popular websites such as 'Youtubes' 'Google video' and myspace video, but the ever active lipsyncing flash characters and font to image manipulators are still widely popular.

Breakup Girl, Ollie's Under the Bed Adventures, Quads, TV Warehouse, Mucha Lucha! The first US network Flash series, The Mr. Dink Show and many other were the first flash project on television.

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