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Free Cartoons

Free cartoons refer to the concept that the cartoon images provided by a particular website are completely free and you are allowed to use that cartoon image, background, animations etc according to your personal choice. Free cartoon implies that the images displayed are in the public domain but after further reading you may find that there are some conditions attached to its use. Hence it is essential to have thorough information regarding terms of usage.

Free cartoons points towards royalty free cartoon images which suggests using a particular image without any charge. So just by paying once you obtain the right of using an illustration as many times as you wish. Free cartoon images are designed on various concepts such as animal cartoons, holiday cartoons, sign cartoon, political cartoon, baby cartoon, food cartoon, patriotic cartoon, photos and images. There are some web services from where you can find lot of royalty free images on different cartoon images. Though there are many online sources which provide different types of free cartoons images only some are discussed below:

Cartoonstock.com: Cartoonstock.com is the world's largest online collection of free cartoons. The website provides over 90,000 free gag cartoons, free political cartoons, cartoon pictures and images supplied by 300 of the world's best cartoonists. Their work appears in different newspapers and magazines including Reader's Digest, The New Yorker, Maxim, Punch, Private Eye, The Spectator, The Times, The Guardian and many others.

Cartoonindia.com: Cartoonindia.com is an Indian online cartoons gallery which provides plenty of cartoon images by categories such as political cartoons, funny cartoons, Christmas cartoons, women cartoons, business cartoons and many others.

Free Cartoon Clipart: Free Cartoon Clipart features some favorite cartoon characters like Tweety bird, hello kitty cartoon, animated images of Itchy and Scratchy, Tigger and Eeyore, Tom and Jerry and many other popular cartoon images.

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