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Fun Cartoons

Usually cartoons are regarded as funny illustrations with different meanings. All these varied meanings emerge from the original meaning of the term. There are different types of cartoons such as exaggerated cartoons, funny cartoons, political cartoons, caricature cartoons and many others. Fun cartoons are used for creating a light atmosphere by means of comic and humor. Fun cartoons bring out the original meaning of the term cartoons. Satire cartoons are also considered as the fun cartoons. Fun cartoons are used for presenting an important thought remarkably in a very casual manner.

Fun cartoons also called as comic cartoons are an attempt of presenting a social message casually but more remarkably. Since fun cartoons form the base of cartoon graphics and thoughts they are used at different places in different patterns. Fun cartoons are used in both animated and non animated patterns i.e. in both print and animation. Though there are many fun cartoons some major type are like Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse and many others.

There are many websites that provide host of fun cartoons. Some of these websites provide their co0llection entirely free while others charge minimum to high for their service. Fun cartoon are often used in creating social and political caricatures, creating logos, in different merchandise products, for creating online jokes and images in wallpaper forms. Some common concepts on which fun cartoons became very famous are cartoon character including Snuffles, Foxy, Tokai, Walter Wolf such as cartoon duck, naughty and funny frog, stupid dog and others. There are many fun cartoon characters that made their impact in the world of cartoons such as the

Tom and Jerry as Comic Cartoons: Tom and Jerry cartoon have become very famous as fun cartoon. This famous animated cartoon character is used in creating many series and plays. Tom and Jerry are two different individuals where Tom is a bluish- grey housecat living a pampered life and Jerry his little companion presented always playing pranks either at each other or with some others.

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