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Funny Cartoons

Cartoons are illustration types holding many different meanings all developing from the original meaning. The word cartoon derives from the Italian word Cartone and Dutch word Karton, meaning strong, heavy paper or pasteboard. Any form of cartoon is originally a full-size drawing done on paper for further related study such as a painting or tapestry. In old days the cartoons created by Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci's are much acclaimed as well as highly mentionable.

Cartoons are of many types' funny cartoons, exaggerated cartoons, political cartoons, caricature cartoons and many others. Funny cartoon are especially used for creating an atmosphere of laughter, fun and frolic. In fact the truest sense of cartoon and cartooning is cartoons created in funny manner. It is an art of presenting a thought remarkably but in a very funny and casual manner.

It is found that an Endeavour for presenting a social message becomes more successful when that is presented in a casual and funny manner. Funny cartoons have been used in many different places. Funny cartoons are used in both animated and non animated patterns which imply that it is used in both print and moving forms. Some famous names of funny cartoons include Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse and many others.

Nowadays there are many websites which create many funny cartoons. These funny cartoons are used in different places and different contexts. Funny cartoons are used in creating logos, creating political and celebrity caricatures and other such occasions. Funny cartoons are also used by several websites which create online jokes in wallpaper forms. A funny cartoon picture is designed on cartoon character, such as cartoon duck, naughty and funny frog, stupid dog and other.

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