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Humorous Cartoons

Cartoons are of different types and quality they differ on the basis of their origin and nature. Some common cartoon types are humorous cartoons or funny cartoons, political cartoons, exaggerated cartoons, sex cartoons, editorial cartoons, caricature cartoons and many others. Cartoons actually complete their basic meaning when they are created for some funny manner complementing a humorous situation. Humorous cartoons are used for spreading a social message lightly but remarkably.

Like other cartoon types humorous cartoons are also used in both animated and non animated patterns. Hence such cartoon types are used both as still and motion.

In contemporary cartoon world there are many websites which provide various humorous cartoons. These humorous cartoons are used in different occasions fulfilling different purposes. Some common humorous cartoons are like cartoon duck, naughty and funny frog, stupid dog and others. Humorous cartoons are used even for several merchandise purposes such as creating logos, creating political and celebrity caricatures and in other such occasions.

Humorous cartoons are also used by several websites for creating online jokes in wallpaper forms. One important commercial purpose of using humorous cartoon is making cartoon films. Though there are many humorous cartoons films made of the names of its central character only few are discussed below:

Woody Woodpecker: Woody Woodpecker is an animated humorous cartoon character. This character first appeared in the theatrical short films produced by Walter Lantz animation studio.

Tom and Jerry: Another very famous humorous cartoon which won academy award includes two major characters animated cat (Tom) and mouse (Jerry). This humorous cartoon won seven Academy Awards for being Best Short Subject cartoons.

Pucca: Pucca is another famous Chinese humorous cartoon. By its sheer wit and naughty gestures the main character Pucca tries to make his presence felt in different unintentional competition.

Tiny Toon Adventures: This humorous cartoon is an American animated television series created and produced as a collaborative effort between Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros. ve earned a huge fan record they have even won an AVN Award and "Oscars" in the entertainment industry for adult.

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