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Joe Cartoon

Joe Cartoons which was created by Joe Shields was launched in 1997. Joe cartoon was a series of flash-based online cartoons. In 1997 during its opening series it was an independent website, later it was affiliated with Atom Films. Finally Joe cartoon once again went independent in 2006. Joe cartoon was especially popular for its simple humor and violence. Joe cartoon was considered as the first widely circulated web productions.

In April 2006, collection of 40 Joe Cartoon creations was released in North America on DVD. Joe cartoon creations were later rearranged on DVD in North America. Later Joe Cartoon was again recoded for making it playable on set-top DVD players.

In the Joe cartoon franchise there are some recurring themes available which are discussed below:


Gerbils is the signature character of Joe cartoon. The Gerbils acts as the prototype for the arrogant behavior towards him by making snide remarks towards his abuser. In the beginning years the Gerbils was not that attractive it started out as a primitive design for a gang of gerbils with black eyeballs, the Gerbil has been developed through the years into a more traditional, "cute" character. His sect was more sophisticated in the cartoon "Donkey Bong (Long)" where Gerbil is presented very sad about the burden of his tortured existence in a comically-sad monologue.

Faux Conservatism:

Though there is no such political influence found in the Joe cartoon. Usually the characters and stories point out towards the conservative "right-wing" point of view. The entire argument whether "conservatism" is being applauded or mocked is presented in such a light approach that even the serious argument turns into hilarious situation. Some famous Joe cartoons available widely are,

Thuh Greenfields:

Thuh Greenfields is a sixteen episode divided cartoon that on Jebidiah and Gertrude Greenfield.


Superfly is a collection of six cartoons made on the ubiquitous character superfly. Actually the Superfly is the most famous character of the Joe cartoon. Interactive Toons.

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