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Luann Cartoons

Luann is a linked comic strip that features the ups and downs of life of an American teen-aged girl. Luann is originally written and drawn by Greg Evans. For his Luann Cartoons creation, Greg Evans also won the 2003 Reuben Award as Cartoonist of the Year.

Luann Cartoons Characters:

The main character of this comic strip was Luann De Groot. In the entire Luann cartoon series Luann is often found suffering of wrong self assessment. Names of Other characters include Bernice Halper, Delta James, Nancy and Frank DeGroot, Brad DeGroot and others. In the entire cartoon strip Luann is found attracted towards Aaron Hill. He lives in Hawaii. Luann finds herself attracted towards Aaron but meanwhile finds another girlfriend of Aaron. In the comic strip Tiffany is also found attracted towards Luann. Another character Miguel Vargas, a Foreign Exchange Student from Spain was also found fall for Miguel, but Miguel often showed more interest in Luann.

Luann Cartoons Themes:

The Luann cartoon strip attained much bad fame due to its mixing with reality being a children cartoon program with the lightness of being a teenager in high school. The cartoon included many such topics which made its actual purpose lost. Evans has many times introduced many such issues as Luann's anxious feelings about her first menstruation, Dirk's jealousy leading to Toni's emotional abuse and physical violence toward Brad. The Luann cartoon also incorporated many times such mature topics as drunk driving, birth control, handicaps, and other social and political issues that not at all interest children. Evans was both praised and criticized in 1998 for a series of strips based around Delta contracting Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Some of Luann cartoons topics show to aspiring teenaged readers for being a teenaged citizen. Some other themes of Luan cartoons cast greater emphasis on the daily trials and tribulations faced often by young people in life.

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