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Political Cartoons

A Cartoon is an illustration intended to depict a humorous situation. It is a drawing art which represents current public figures and issues in a very symbolical and satirical manner; such as a political cartoon. The word cartoon has originated from the Italian word Cartone and Dutch word Karton, which implies strong, heavy paper or pasteboard.

A cartoon is a form of graphical drawing holding different meanings evolving from its original meaning. There are many types of cartoons such as political cartoons, funny cartoons, exaggerated cartoons, caricature cartoons, adult cartoons and many others.

A political cartoon is also termed as an editorial cartoon. Political cartoon also known as, an illustration or comic strip contains a political or social message usually relating to current events and popular public personalities.

Political Cartons, Historical Perspective:

It is said that actual use of political cartoon began in the year 1720 when William Hogarth presented some satirical works which became very popular. Later Benjamin Franklin's 'Join or Die' and Francisco 'Goya's los Caprichos' also became popular. Political cartoons especially came in light during 1st and 2nd World Wars. Political cartoon also became popular in the United States, during and since the Vietnam War. Since all these years many usual metaphors and symbols have been used by different cartoonists. Some common examples are like Uncle Sam representing United States.

Political Cartoons, Modern Scenario:

In present day's political cartoons on editorial pages is a common sight. Some cartoonists are especially known for raising different radical and contemporary issues by the means of cartoon characters. Another face of modern cartooning world is emergence of online cartoonists. Political cartoons are also sometimes published in books and magazines. Sometimes Politicians find themselves unable to keep themselves away from the characters cartoonists create. Richard Nixon and Joe Clark are best examples in this regard.

Political cartoon of George Bush, Hitler, Mahatama Gandhi and other are especially famous.

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