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Toons is an abbreviation of the term "cartoons". The term toons became popular after the Looney tunes animated series created by Warner Brothers. During 80's this became a popular way of referring a cartoon character by Toons. Toons became more popular by two novels- " Who Censored Roger Rabbit" and its filmed version Who Framed Roger Rabbit. These two works established the toon genre even more. Both these works featured both toons and non toons human characters living together. The limited Toons

version includes Disney's Bonkers, Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs and Freakazoid cartoon series, Cool World, Space Jam, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Looney Tunes: Back in Action, the video game Go! Go! and the Hypergrind.

In animation Toons is used for distinguishing characters from Japanese anime. Toons is also not included in the English fandom jargon Hentai. Toons is also called as a monster card game Yu-Gi-Oh called toon, like the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon. Though the toons card show is a bit exaggerated but common for toons.

The term toons is also used by players playing online games. In such games toons is used for describing ones character in that particular game. Since the term toons is used in cartoons as an abbreviation of cartoons, in games it becomes the animated representation of ones own self. Toons are also used for the fictional cartoon character which exists with human populations some famous examples under this category include Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Cool World.

Toons Characteristics:

Toons are the exaggerated anthropomorphic version based on real animal or object. An intricate comic sense such as the Bonkers.
Toons cast greater emphasis on such themes as hunting, catching prey, evoking romantic feelings often in comedic sense.
Toon is refusal of the physical laws which governs our universe. If it is human character toons are presented in highly caricatured appearance.

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