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TV Cartoons

TV cartoons are those cartoon shows that appear on television made as single film. Though there are many TV cartoons only few are discussed below:

Weekday Cartoon: Weekday Cartoon is a popular animated television cartoon program created especially for children and for teens and in the weekday mornings and afternoons. Weekday cartoons began during 1970s on some independent commercial stations in large television markets.

Superman Cartoons: Superman Cartoons were a series of animated cartoons usually known as "Fleischer Superman cartoons". It was one of a TV cartoons created in a series of seventeen animated Technicolor short films and released by Paramount Pictures between 1941 and 1943. This entire cartoon series was based upon the comic book character Superman.

Cartoon Network: Cartoon Network popularly called as CN is a Cable TV channel, which was owned by Turner International. Cartoon Network is especially broadcasting in Australia. In Australia, Cartoon Network started broadcasting in October 1995 as part of the Foxtel cable TV launch.

Tom and Jerry: Tom and Jerry is an academy awar4d winning cartoon show which was broadcast as a TV cartoon on September 25, 1965. This cartoon show was first presented in many edited form.

Bosko: Bosko was an animated cartoon character created by two animators Hugh Harman and Rudy Ising.Bosko's cartoon shorts were aired on in the 1990s on both Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.Bosko played a small role in a 1990 episode of the television series Tiny Toon Adventures.

Animated cartoon: The short hand drawn cartoon strip was originally made for the film; TV featured one kind of story or plot. The American television animation made in 1950 featured some limited animation styles. The Flintstones, running from 1960 to 1966 was the first successful primetime animated series in the United States.

Woody Woodpecker: This TV Cartoons show appeared on television in 1957 with a title The Woody Woodpecker. Woody Woodpecker Show is still frequently seen in television world.

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