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Animal Clip Art

Clip art is a form of graphic art that refers to pre-made images. Clip art is mainly used as an illustrating medium. In present scenario clip art is used both in personal and commercial projects such as home printed greeting cards to commercial candles. There are two different forms of clip art, electronic and printed. Most of the clip art today are at first created then distributed in a collection on CD-ROM and finally used in an electronic format.

There are different forms of clip art based on certain concepts such as flowers, cartoons, sports, animals and many more. Actually clip art is the graphical illustration of different animals like cats, dogs, horses and other animals.Animal clip art is based on animal photos, animal wallpapers, animal photos, sounds and many other things. Basically these clip art images are used by the teachers and students of elementary classes but these are also used for different other purposes. The stuffed animal clip art; one animal clip art type is used especially by the kids in elementary schools and primary levels.

The stuffed animal clip arts are mostly optimized in download size with transparent backgrounds. Clip art on farm animals is a website which provides graphic images of animals such as cows, horses, pigs, sheep, goats and certain other animals. The ‘Kids Domain’ another website on animal clip art provides plenty of digital animal clip art images generally all are the graphical images of mammals such as bear, dog, monkey, horse, kangaroo, lion and some other mammals.

Many websites and online facilities provide pictures of original animal clip art for commercial purposes such as for advertising material, product labels, company logos, office letterheads, T-Shirt design, business cards and other merchandise uses. The images provided by this site are royalty free and are available by just a business license it means that you need to pay once and in return you can use the clip arts as many times as you wish.

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