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Black And White Clip Art

Clip art is a collection of different clipped images that can be used in various documents. Clip art collections are distributed on CD-ROM. Generally Clip art can either be found organized in categories or available on the World Wide Web. Clip art is a type of digital work basically treating with graphic images, designs and artworks which are either copied or pasted on a digital image or document. The Clip art graphics are used for electronic illustration inserted into a document. Clip art is often used for both commercial as well as personal projects.

Black and white Clip art has been long used as cut and paste illustrations in many books like Dover Series. Since then the work of Clip art has widely developed many changes have come in the format of Clip art. Now they are more developed and more varied. Going through newspapers and books we often find varied types of black and white Clip art, line draw and sketches of people, animals, flowers, black and white food clip art, household furniture, black and white clip art of holidays, sports, appliances, music, and such other wide range of black and white clip art.

Black and white Clip art in different patterns is largely used by newspapers and books. One frequent form of using black and white Clip art is silhouette clip art or image Clip art. Silhouette clip art is also a collection of black and white images used in newspapers, comics and books. Before creating Silhouette clip art one should understand the technique of downloading it. While downloading the Silhouette clip art you will need a paint program or graphics software program which can draw lines and ovals, can fill colors. Black and white clip art also includes pen sketches.

Though creating a Black and white clip art is time consuming still Black and white clip art when used along with Blade Pro or just PI brings amazing result. While creating a black and white clip art, firstly one needs to take an image. And the most important thing about this is to be sure that the selected image is a true color image. The image should originally be a black and white image of 1-bit.

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