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Cartoon Clip Art

The word clip art is used to describe different images and illustrations used in desktop publishing application, print, advertising, publication, scrap booking and other related projects where visual images are commonly used. A clip art illustration is designed on several concepts like bullets, frames, cartoons, borders or corners, photo objects, photo clips, animated images, dividers, titles, photo clip art, backgrounds, navigation graphics, email buttons and images and a lot more visual images.

Cartooning is a popular concept. The concept has largely been used in different places. It has been used for creating movies, cards, creating caricatures, project works, printing out in documents and many other places. Following the popular familiarity of the concept Cartoon illustrations have also been used in creating cartoon clip art designs. Cartoon clip art is designed on different cartoon characters such as Mickey, Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry, Popeye, Flintstones and many others. There are many websites where you can find cartoon clip art of people, animals, Disney, comic book characters, plus objects, the Simpsons and film star caricatures, icons, animations and other cartoon clip art. Generally the cartoon clip art is designed in animated forms for making it more expressive. Cartoon clip art is especially designed for school going kids. A cartoon clip art is the most versatile and appealing clip art illustration since it includes different forms of clip art designs and illustrations. It could prove an interesting craft project especially for school going children. The parents can keep their kids busy in some creative works by making them create beautiful clip art illustration designed especially for children. Cartoon clip art is a major Kid clip art.

Since cartoon clip art is specially designed for little children, one should understand its responsibility towards healthy mental development of a child. Thereby if possible it should include some educational discussions and a bit of general knowledge explanations in a very light and stimulating pattern. If you wish to download images and illustrations of cartoon clip art you can either visit a cartoon clip art gallery or a kid clip art gallery. A clip art gallery contains anywhere from few images to host of images.

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