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Clip Art Backgrounds

Clip art is a collection of different clipped images used in varied documents. clip art is first collected together and then distributed on CD-ROM. A clip art collection is either kept organized in categories or provided on the World Wide Web. Clip art is a type of digital work basically treating with graphic images, designs and artworks which are either copied or pasted on a digital image or document. The clip art graphics are used for electronic illustration inserted into a document. clip art designs are used for both commercial as well as personal projects. clip art designs are made of different size, shape color and concept.

Clip art backgrounds are designed in different colors and formats. These backgrounds are first downloaded from various sources and then changed in appearance according to personal preference. clip art backgrounds form a more detailed support to clip art images. The backgrounds help in enhancing the elaborate decoration of a web page. Like the clip art the backgrounds are also designed in different styles but always maintaining a balance between clip art and background. Plenty of websites are there which provide different clip art backgrounds some are royalty free while other charge for their service offered. Some are discussed below;

Colorclipart. Com:
The website provides more than thousand color clip art backgrounds and images of all types. The backgrounds are categorized in different sections such as blue, brown, fun, green, flowers, designs, olive, purple, whitish, wood, universe and many more.
The website is a best source for getting different backgrounds for a webpage. It provides clip art backgrounds and games of both animated and non animated types.

Eos clip art:
The Eos is known for providing collection of backgrounds of different color and textures for different clip art.

In order to download a particular clip art backgrounds follow the following steps of downloading: Click on the clip art and brings up a larger image for proper downloading. Place the cursor on the image to be downloaded and right click with the mouse. After clicking on the image a small menu will come out select the save picture as option in the menu. Select a directory or a folder and place the image. Click to save your picture will be saved.

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