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Web Clip Art

Clipart is a collection of varied images used in different documents. Clip art is a work of digital forms and graphic images that is copied and pasted on a digital image and document. It is a general graphic form, clipped out and used for illustration. Clip art is also an electronic illustration which is inserted into a document. Different mediums are illustrated through clip art. Clip art icons are found in both electronic and printed types. Mostly the clip arts which we use today are all created. A clipart icon can be one and more pictures of different sizes, colors and resolution. Clipart illustrations are the clipart images of varied themes and color range.

An image, animation, graphic, decoration or design that is used to decorate and improve web pages is called as web clipart. Web clipart could be anything from backgrounds, navigation buttons, bullets, lines, arrows, titles, image maps and an image of cars, symbols, flowers, animals and small bullets. A web clipart can never be a desktop icon, wallpapers, screensavers, desktop icons and music and audio is never considered as web clipart. Nowadays there is increasing demand for web clipart. Many pursue this art as a full time profession and take tutorials and classes to enhance their knowledge. A web clipart tutorial includes image learning, image coding for a web page and knowledge of graphic software.

For a web page, selection of image matters a lot. It always needs some suitable images. The most suitable images are either the JPG format or the GIF format. There are some websites which provide web clipart images as public domain whereas there are other websites where images are copyrighted which means without taking a proper permission from the owners of the website, you are not allowed to use the pictures and images displayed by it.

In order to get a web clipart image on computer certain guidelines should be followed. Select an image and right click on it; now make a directory or a folder and save the image into it.

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