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Clip Art Images

The word clipart implies a graphic image collection that is used in different documents. Clipart is a work of digital forms and graphic images copied and pasted on a document. Clipart is a general graphic used for electronic illustration. Clip art is used to illustrate different mediums. The clipart which we use today most of them are the created ones. The clipart collection is distributed on CD-ROM. The clipart collections are either organized in different categories or available on the World Wide Web. Generally clipart images are based on such concepts like frames, cartoons, photo clip art, bullets, dividers, titles, borders or corners, photo clips, photo objects, animated images, backgrounds, navigation graphics, email buttons and images and some other visual images. Clipart images are also made on some common concepts as flowers, cartoons, animals (including dogs, cats, horses, bears and others).

There are some websites providing free clipart graphics. These websites have collection of layouts, backgrounds and glitter graphics. Some websites provide royalty free Clipart graphics; you can easily download those graphics on your computer without any charge while there are others which charge for images and without taking proper permission you are not allowed copying those images. Though there are hundreds of websites only few are discussed as follows:

  • Free
    The website is actively involved in the business of making clipart images; at present the website provides around 30,000 free clipart images. You can find a good collection of icons, animated gifs, bullets, backgrounds, clip art and pictures in this website; all free to download.

  • Classroom Clipart:
    This website is widely known for its collection of around 58721 graphic images photographs and illustrations categorized for all occasion.

    There are web clipart graphics used to decorate and improve web pages. Several types of Web clipart images are also there such as lines, backgrounds, navigation buttons, bullets, image maps, arrows, titles, and image of cars, flowers, symbols, animals and small bullets. Clipart graphics are the computer device and programs used for making a computer perfect for displaying and manipulating pictures.

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