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Clip Art Icons

Clip art is a collection of varied types of images which are used on various documents. Clip art refers to a work of digital forms and graphic images that is copied and pasted on a digital image and document. It is a general graphic form, clipped out and used for illustration. Clip art is also an electronic illustration which is inserted into a document. Different mediums are illustrated through clip art. Clip art icons are found in both electronic and printed types. Mostly the clip arts which we use today are all created.

Clip art icons are the small symbols which are used for easy recognition of programs, documents and devices. Basically Clip art icons are displayed by the windows in unit sizes of 32x32 pixels and 16x16 pixels. A Clip art icon can be one and more pictures of different sizes, colors and resolution. A Clip art icon is created on computer; the creation of Clip art undergoes two steps: First is the creation of a bitmap Next is the alteration of the bitmap into an icon.

Icons are an important aspect of daily computer use; actually they make the base of graphical creation. The Clip art icons are presented in small graphical forms. These small graphical forms are used in representing files, programmes and in executing commands. Clip art icons vary in their structural design and sizes. The sizes normally range between 16 x 16 pixels up to 48 x 48. Clip art icons are designed in such a way that a single icon can be composed of several images in transparent forms to allow the proper viewing of the screen background through the square outer limits of the icon. In this way a Clip art icon appears to be floating on the desktop, tool bar or anywhere it resides. Clip art icons contain several images in different colors and sizes just to allow the windows and the Mac OS to find the form factor.

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