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Food Clip Art

Clip art is a term used for some types of non-photographic and graphic images. The word Clip art is derived from books on graphic images. The users of graphic images use to select and cut out a particular image from books to place into layouts. Previously the images were scanned from books, but nowadays collections of Clip art are distributed on CD-ROM. The clip art on CD-ROM can be downloaded from the web. Clip art is available in many styles and that can frequently be used for creating custom illustrations and logos.

Different websites on food Clip art include food Clip art images of different categories. Some common food Clip art images include ‘corn on the cob’, ‘breakfast food in bed tray’, ‘bowl full of nuts’, traditional regional foods and other food items.

Food Shaped Computer Art:Food Clip art has largely been used for commercial purposes many hotels and restaurants use the Clip art images and wallpapers to draw the attention of the visitors. Food Clip art is also collected and distributed on websites you can find these Clip art on the web in a well organized collection. Another unique concept of Food Clip art is creation of food shapes CD-ROMS. The images on the food shaped CD-ROMS are original illustrations by professional food artists. The food images on these CD-ROMS are all royalty free. In the CD-ROMS the food images are given in varied graphic formats for printing and internet.

Renaissance Food Clip Art: The Renaissance Food Clip Art includes large collection of woodcuts showing a range of cooking stuffs spanning from the late Medieval through Renaissance eras.

Skyzer’s Food Clip Art: The Skyzer’s food clip art is a beautiful hand drawn style of Clip art including variety of food items like vegetables, fruits and breads.

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