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Free Thanksgiving Clip Art

Clip art is a graphic file. It is software used in giving illustrations in the word documents. Clip art is a collection of icons, pictures, buttons, images and other useful image files along with sound and video files which are easily inserted into web pages. Clip art is a readymade computer graphic. In the graphic art clip art refers to the use of images which are either copied or cut out from the already existing images. The generic graphic of clip art are clipped out and used for illustration. Some forms of clip art are used for personal as well as commercial projects. On the World Wide Web there are huge collections of clip art which are distributed on CD-ROM.

There are many websites which provide plenty of royalty free thanksgiving clip art. A royalty free thanksgiving clip art can be used many times just by paying once. Thanksgiving clip art is mainly used for creating dinner party invitations, thanksgiving party invitations and for creating thanksgiving place cards. Thanksgiving clip art can be created by any one sitting at home. It is nothing like you always need only skilled hands for creating thanksgiving clip arts; you yourself can create them. For that you just need to download some free clip art images from computer and follow certain measures given below before creating any invitation or a greeting card;

  • Understand properly the ways of downloading clip art to your computer.
  • Learn the method of using a printer for printing the invitation.
  • Create your original thanksgiving clip art. Download and print any image on the lower left portion of an 8x10 paper sheet.
  • Fold the8x10 paper sheet into half and fold it in another half again.
  • Make sure that the image you have created lies in the front portion of the card while opening it from the right.
At the inside right portion of the card you can give your party details by a pen or a marker.

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