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People Clip Art

The word clip art describes photograph, a graph, image and illustration used in desktop publishing application, print, publication, advertising scrap booking, and other similar projects where visual images are regularly used. One growing concept of clip art is web clip art available in different shapes, formats, sizes, colors and concepts. clip art is made on different concepts ranging from frames, cartoons, bullets, dividers, borders or corners, photo clips, photo objects, animated images, titles, photo clip art, backgrounds, navigation graphics, email buttons and images, and some other visual images. Several concepts of clip art have developed with time such as flowers, cartoons, animals (including dogs, cats, horses, bears and others).

Since the origin of clip art various changes have been made in clip art. Present format of clip art includes file formats, licensing restrictions, different contents and illustration styles. No clip art includes stock photography.

People clip art is graphical image of men, women and children in various situations and concepts. People clip art includes variety of concepts some are discussed as follows;

clip art Guide: A website providing clip art images of people. At present this website is displaying around hundred colorful images of people including men, women and children. The projected images are more in humorous gestures and appearances. They are displayed in cartoon style drawing men and women busy in their activities.

People (children) clip art: Children clip art is designed in various categories such as Babies clip art in cartoon style graphics. It also includes truffle’s clip art including children and Bible verses. People clip art has been used for both personal and commercial purposes. They are commonly seen in newspapers, magazines, comics and computer. Generally the idea of creating people clip art has developed since old days. It is an art of describing a situation or a person in a frolic manner. But this does not means that people clip art is only made in comic style sometimes they are also made for some serious purpose.

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