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Retro Clip Art

The term retro clip art refers to advertising artwork created mainly during the 40s and 50s. Though some colored artworks were also produced during that era some printing materials were still restricted to a single color because of some undeveloped printing style in some cities at that time. Due to this some professional illustrators developed a personal style of artwork which was capable of reproducing even with a low degree of printing technology.

Historical Perspective: During the late 1800’s the most common style of commercial illustration was engraved artwork. During this period artists had to face great troubles for creating fine line shading in all the drawings. This style of artwork can be seen in the posters and ads of the western countries. At the end of this period came another revolution as Art Nouveau in France featuring high standard graphic drawings. This style was again followed by the Russian Constructivism during the Bolshevik Revolution.

During the end of 1930s these artworks developed in the form of commercial art where the commercial creators rejected the rigorous practice of cross-hatching, stippling and other such line shading styles. They followed the new style of drawing with no line shading. This art gradually became popular and during the 1940 artists learnt the art of dividing into purely black and white formats.

Present Scenario: In this way retro clip art became highly popular. One specialty of this style of art is that the art always revolves around some quaint or humorous subject matter, clothing and hairstyles. A retro artist without using color or line-shading could represent anything in any ways. This particular quality makes retro clip art a completely unique and major illustration style of all times. At present retro clip art has become widely popular because of its unique computer graphics and due to the growing desire of following the old style of art. In modern style of retro clip art simple retro images are combined with modern layouts providing greater depth and dimension to the artwork. Modern retro art is constantly developing to achieve the equal status and recognition like the Art Deco, Russian Constructivism or Art Nouveau.

People (children) clip art: Children clip art is designed in various categories such as Babies clip art in cartoon style graphics. It also includes truffle’s clip art including children and Bible verses. People clip art has been used for both personal and commercial purposes. They are commonly seen in newspapers, magazines, comics and computer. Generally the idea of creating people clip art has developed since old days. It is an art of describing a situation or a person in a frolic manner. But this does not means that people clip art is only made in comic style sometimes they are also made for some serious purpose.

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