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Santa Clip Art

Clip art is a collection of different images used in various documents. Generally an extensive collection of clip art is distributed on CD-ROM. These clip art collections are either organized into categories or are available on the World Wide Web. Clip art is a digital work of graphic images, designs and artworks which is copied as well as pasted on a digital image or a document. Clip art is that general graphic which is clipped out and used for illustrations. Clip art is an electronic illustration that is inserted into a document.

Clip art is used to illustrate different mediums. With passage of time clip art has become so common that it is used for personal as well as commercial projects. Clip art is available in different forms some are electronic while others are printed ones. Most of the clip arts we use today are generally formed digitally.

Christmas is a festival of bringing freshness and decoration to all we do. On Christmas we cherish to décor every corner with some new pattern. From giving some fresh message to our close relatives, to give our computer an entire changed look with a private desktop by downloading some Christmas themed clip art borders. Many websites are there which provide beautiful Christmas clip art; you can download free Christmas clip art borders such as animated messages, animal images, Santa Clip art, Christmas sceneries, Christmas icons and many other Christmas themed clip arts.

Santa clip art gallery an online clip art gallery called as provides beautiful Santa clip art images. This massive Santa clip art gallery has good collection of almost every kind of Santa clip art. These beautiful Santa clip art can easily be downloaded just place the mouse on the image and right click and choose option "Save Picture As...”.

Some famous forms of Santa clip art is animated Santa where Santa Clause is shown in activity with a gift bag in his hands and animated form of Santa Claus at the computer. Other famous forms include small Santa head, Victorian looking Santa Claus, Santa filling stocking on the mantle, a cheery Father Christmas weaving.

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