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Snowflake Clip Art

Clip art is a collection of clipped images used in different documents. The collection of clip art is distributed on CD-ROM. A clip art collection is either found arranged in categories or available on the World Wide Web. clip art is a digital work which basically deals with graphic images, designs and artworks copied and pasted on a digital image or document. clip art is a general graphic used for electronic illustration and is inserted into a document. Nowadays clip art is used for both commercial and personal projects.

In course of time different types of clip arts a have been developed on different concepts. Snowflake clip art is designed in several patterns and formats. Many websites provide free snowflake images. These image of clip art can be redecorated according to your own choice by simply downloading the image to your personal computers. Snowflake clip art is made on varied concepts discussed as follows:

Paper Snowflake clip art: Snowflake clip art is very easy to make. This is a good beginning craft especially for intermediate level children. Paper snowflake can be made in snowflake templates and stencil patterns. All Paper Snowflake follows the basic style of making by folding and cutting out.

Christmas Snowflake clip art: The Christmas snowflake clip art include cute snowflake images of Santa with a bow, hat and a gift bag in hands. Christmas trees, candles, angels, a stocking, a wreath and candy canes made in a snowflake background is also included in Christmas snowflake clip art. The snowflake pattern requires a universal style of creating snowflake images. It is used in knitting, weaving, tatting, crochet, paper weaving and other arts and craft projects. Clip art is made following some unique concepts of crochet snowflake, snowflake hat, paper snowflake, wheat weaving snowflake, Norwegian snowflake socks clip art. In present scenario cartoon snowflake clip art has become widely popular. Some websites provide royalty free images of snowflake clip art where by paying once you can use it repeatedly.

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