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Sports Clip Art

Clip art is a type of graphic file. It allows for providing illustrations in word documents. Clip art is a collection of pictures, buttons, images, icons and other useful image and files along with sound and video files which can easily be inserted into the web pages. Clip art is a readymade computer graphic. In the graphic design clip art is the use of images which are either copied or are cut from the already existing images. The generic graphic of clip art is clipped out and used for illustration. Some forms of clip art are used for personal as well as commercial projects.

On the World Wide Web there are huge collections of clip art which are distributed on CD-ROM. Clip arts are the electronic illustrations inserted on a document. There are different clipart based on several concepts such as flowers, animals, cartoons etc. sports clip art is one such type. Sports clip art is also categorized into several groups such as tennis clip art, volleyball clip art, winter sports clip art etc.

There are many websites providing images of different sports clipart, sports pictures, sports memorabilia, sports posters and much more. For ex, the Sports Clipart.Com provides clipart based on different sports.

Sports ClipArt Directory: The Sports clipart directory provides different sports previews. Free Clip Art gallery an art gallery dedicated to sports clip art provides educational clipart for students, teachers and parents.
Art Today:Has an extensive selection of high quality sports pictures more than 2060 pictures. All Art Today images are online and you can get immediate access to those pictures.

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