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Vector Clip Art

Clip art is an image collection used in some documents. Clip art collections are often distributed on CD- ROM. Some are organized into categories while others are supplied on the World Wide Web. A clip art is a work of designs, digital graphic images and artworks often copied and pasted on a digital image or document. Clip art is a general graphic clipped out and used for illustration. It is an electronic illustration inserted into a document. clip art illustrations are used in both personal and commercial projects. clip art designs are based on varied concepts such as animals (including dogs, cats and horses), flowers, cartoons and other. One such concept is Vector clip art discussed in this content.

Vector clip art is the use of some geometrical lines such as lines, curves, points, polygons and others. Generally vector graphics are based on some mathematical equations representing the graphical images on computer. Some common concepts of vector clip art includes user profile, friend Email, file download, monitor display, mouse, printer, blue earth, gold earth, search folder, experiment chemistry and many other concepts. Some Vector graphics are used for concepts such as vinyl cutting, publishing, sign making, embroider and other works. There are many websites providing vector clip art some are discussed below;

Clip art Lab:
This is a popular website which provides high quality unique vector clip art images. This is one of largest online vector clip art online shop. There are around 200 original retro styled vector clip art designs.

CLogoclip art. Com:
The website is popularly known for creating vector clip art designs for making professional color logo clip art. It also makes logo design for different projects.

Some other vector clip art concepts include vector animals, vector arrows, vector birds, vector buildings including sky scraper, church, windmill, vector communications including telephone, fax, newspaper and vector computers including camera, scanner and monitor. You can download vector clip art illustration on your personal desktop. Some websites provide free vector clip art images while others charge huge.

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