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A. A. Raiba’s “Crucifixion” can be taken as the painting which best embodies his power as a painter. The harsh strokes brings out the Passion of the Christ in such an effective way that one cant help but empathise with the subject, for the christ in this crucification is not a divine son of God being subjected to inhuman torture but a man tortured by the harsh ways of life. In that respect it’s a very “modern” depiction of suffering.

Like most modern painters Raiba too engages himself with “urban man’s burden” in his paintings. Raiba is a considered to be one of the most important contemporary Indian artists. He studied art at the prestigious Sir J. J. School of Art in Bombay (1942-46). His initial brush with professional painting earned him medals from the Bombay Art Society. His growing popularity ensured that his paintings found their way to the Cairo Museum, Egypt, the Nagpur Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art in Delhi. His work has also been shown in over 20 exhibitions.

A.A.Raiba’s Paintings

Raiba Paintings alternate between the figurative and the abstract.His paintings are characterised by the abundant use of yellows and browns.Bold strokes and unusual mediums are other characteristic features of his paintings. Some of his most famous works are

  • Malabar Belle
  • Crucifixion
  • Untitled scenes from the Ramayana
He has also painted several large murals for clients such as Air India and Ashoka Hotel.

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