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Alaaddin Cakirerk

Acrylic painting implies to the use of fast-drying acrylic paints for the purpose of painting. It can be diluted in water and becomes water-resistant when it dries up. The first commercially available acrylic paints were mineral spirit based paints. Acrylic painters modify the appearance, hardness, texture, flexibility and other characteristics of the paints using acrylic mediums. These paints have the ability to bind to different surfaces and they can add sheen or gloss to the surface. These paintings are very different from oil or water paintings.

Alaadin Cakirerk is one of the contemporary acrylic painters who presently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He started painting at the age of 50 after he suffered from spondylitis in his knee. He mainly started painting abstract art and prefers experimentation in his work. He just puts on the canvas whatever comes in his mind and he does not wish to become a commercial artist. The themes of acrylic paintings of Alaaddin Cakirerk include cityscape, landscape, political, space, war, humor, floral, abstract figurative and others. He also paints with pencil, oil, marker and other mediums also. He mostly uses black and red color in his paintings.

Alaaddin Cakirerk Art Studio in South Africa has some of the best acrylic paintings of Alaaddin Cakirerk. Some of his well-known acrylic paintings are Viva Bull Sport, Until The Last Drop, Lake Violent, Last Carcass, Last Bunny Bush, The Last Immigration and others.

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