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Biren De

Biren De was one of the first few artists to use abstract art as a mode of contemplation. The tantric elements in his paintings give them a mysterious edge. The deep blue that permeates all his paintings is the color of tantra and mystery. His paintings can also be appreciated for their sheer painting qualities and the delightful forms.
He applies colors on canvases in such a way that become translucent and bright, capture the eye of viewers and take their minds to the highest level of meditation. This very aspect of his works makes them remarkable. His paintings unfold their meanings slowly but effectively in the deepest recesses of our minds leaving an indelible impression. He employs to the most universal shapes and figures to explore the cosmos.

Birens Des Life

Biren De studied Arts at the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Kolkata. He graduated in 1949. He was quickly appointed as a lecturer, at the College of Art, New Delhi. His talents earned him a Fulbright Grant and he spent the some part of his life living and working in New York. He has exhibited his paintings all over the world, including Venice Bienniale (1962) and the Salon de Mai, Paris (1951). His works are in display in the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, the Berlin State Museum, the National Gallery, Prague, among others.

Biren Des Paintings

Biren De paintings abound in symbolism but what makes this symbol come alive is the energy and luminosity he manages to shroud his paintings with. The numen (divine spirit) is the fundamental idea behind his works. It can be safely said that Biren De was the only artist by the late 50s experimenting with Tantric art. It is said that he applies colors in canvas in such a way that they become translucent and bright, capture the eye of viewers and take their minds to the highest level of meditation.

The spiritual quality of paintings has made him much more than a commercial artist; he is almost as revered as a spiritual guru by some of his admirers. His efforts to formulate a definite philosophic vision have not gone waste. His work has definitely initiated a new mode of creative expression where the sacred and the spiritual combines with shapes and symbols to sublime effect. Many young artists are now using his mode of pictorial expression. His efforts have earned him many awards and recognitions most recent of which is the Lalit Kala Akademi (the highest award of the Akademi).

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