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Bob Cauley

Oil painting is done on pigmented surfaces and the paints are mixed with oils. Linseed oil was specially used in early modern Europe. The other oils which were used are poppy seed oil, walnut oil and safflower oil. All these oils gave different properties to the paintings and had different drying times. Oil paint is applied in a technique called fat over lean. Jan Van Eyck is considered to be the inventor of oil paints. Oil paints have unique features and are therefore used by famous artists of all ages.

Bob Cauley is a contemporary painter of oil on canvas who presently based in Oklahoma, Hugo. He was interested in painting since his childhood. From 1998 onwards he has started producing his own works of art. He is greatly inspired by Jackson Pollock and the Impressionists. He regards himself as a self-taught Impressionist and abstract Expressionist. He loves abstract painting as it gives him a sense of freedom. His paintings are similar to Pollock’s works but have an individual and free-flowing touch in them. He is inspired by his dreams and wild imagination in his choice of subjects.

Bob Cauley has won many awards at various functions. Some of the prize-winning oil paintings(link) of Bob Cauley include Linked Souls, Final Fantasy and Fourth of July. Many of his paintings are displayed at various art galleries in Omaha, Nebraska. He plans to hold more exhibitions of his art in the future.

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