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Carol Ochs

Life and Education

Carol Ochs is a contemporary painter of fantasy art. She has been interested in fairy tales, myths, legends and the whims since her childhood. She is a self-taught artist. Carol Ochs began her art with lipsticks-on-the-walls as a child and when she grew up she shifted to pencils, pastels, charcoal, pen and ink and much later, to watercolors on paper. The fantasy art bug bit her seriously while she was reading a book of Brian Froud named Faeries.

Painting, her favorite pastime:

The major influences on Carol Ochs are Anne Sudworth, Brian Froud and Alan Lee. Another favorite influence is John William Waterhouse and Chris Van Allsburg. She is inspired by nature, Celtic and medieval legends and lore, fantasy movies, books, animals, children and other art. Painting is relaxing for her and she enjoys the escapism

and open-ended creativity of fantasy art. According to her, enchanted art “is a way of seeing with enchanted eyes, the magic in creatures, ordinary things, and natural surroundings and expressing, illuminating that sense of mystical possibility into your art”.

Famous Works:

The subjects of Carol Ochs paintings include fairy folks, mermaids, witches, toads, elves, angels, unicorns, horses, wizards, nature goddesses and all manner of enchantment, legend and magic. Some of the renowned fantasy art works of Carol Ochs include Toadscape, Birch Ballet, Mermaiden II, Mortal Love, Dandellion Dancer, Faery Bath, Finwe, among many others. The Wild Oaks Art Gallery is an online gallery of her works.

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