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Carole Clark

Watercolor painting is a method of painting made of colorants suspended in water. It is most commonly done on paper but may also be done on leather, plastics, wood or canvas. It has been a dominant form of painting in Japan and China since ancient times. Watercolor paints may vary in their transparency. There are mainly two types of applying watercolors -- wet-in-wet or dry brush. The brushes used for watercolor painting(link) are also softer in comparison to the ones used for acrylic or oil painting. Watercolor painting offers a wide range of varieties and consistencies.

Carole Clark is based in the USA and is a famous modern watercolor painter. She has been interested in watercolor painting since her childhood. She has learnt the use of applying acrylics, oils and other medium from many teachers. She has taught in Parks and Recreation Department at Glendora, California. The themes of her painting include floral, still life, marine, abstract, food, animals and others. She uses the effect of light and sober colors in her painting.

Carole Clark has won many awards for her watercolor paintings. She has won the second place at the Perris California Art Festival. Some of her well known paintings are Morning Sunflower, Father and Son, Deja, The Champion, The Humming Bird among others. Many online shops also sell her watercolor paintings.

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