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Chandrakant Mandare

Chandrakant Mandare – an actor par excellence…Chandrakant Mandare -a painter par excellence…not everybody can juggle two diverse vocations as easily as this versatile genius did. Not only did his histrionics earned him the crown of the reigning superstar of Marathi cinema for over 50 years his dexterity with the paint brush made him one of the most venerated Indian painters.

He was born in 1913 in Maharashtra India.

Mandare’s Paintings

Nature was Chandrakant Mandare’s favorite theme. Most of his paintings depicted the natural scenery in and around Kolhapur. He also painted other significant spots in the country and abroad. He claimed that the natural beauty of his country has been a source of inspiration for him. He was always excited about depicting the new sights and places he experienced. This veteran was a tireless globetrotter. The world famous Niagara Falls has also been his visual pleasure and his painting of the falls is as bewitching as the actual falls.

He handed over the treasures of his various pictures, mostly landscapes, to the State Government of Maharashtra (India), which has taken on the responsibility of managing the academy dedicated to him. His paintings are displayed in the above academy in 7th Lane, Rajarampuri, Kolhapur. The Academy distributes awards and scholarships every year to talented and hardworking painters.

Chandrakant Mandare died at the age of 88 in 2001, but his paintings and performances live on in the memory of thousands of his admirers.

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