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Chris Cheng

Mixed Media is a kind of art in which more than one media are used. Mixed media painting is tricky and can easily go wrong. Layers should be chosen carefully and proper drying time should be allowed between the layers to ensure the good looks of the final work. A strong foundation should be used to apply the different layers. Oil based layers are used at the end. Interesting effects can be produced using mixed media. Combinations of different elements of art allow more flexibility than traditional art media.

Mixed media paintings of Chris Cheng reflect his attempts at creating an art form that combines a visual interest with vivacity on the surface of the canvas. Numerous ideas, tales and emotions are conveyed through the consistency, color and subtlety of its surface. In his latest works, his love of the natural world and physical senses are combined.

Arbitrary, intermittent textures are incorporated in his works. His art is inspired by everyday objects. Even the most absurd and commonplace objects, like old weathered fences, mossy doors with cracks in them or half torn posters present an inspiration for his work. Mixed media paintings of Chris Cheng show the relation between man and nature. He shows the harmony between them or in some cases, the conflict which lies between man and nature. All the mixed media paintings of Chris Cheng are based on an “Abstract” theme. He has held exhibitions in Rocky Mount Arts Center, Santa Cruz (California) and Sacramento (California).

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