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Christian Culver

Pastel painting is a unique painting medium as it is done in a method in which colors are not mixed on the palette but on the canvas itself by overlaying and blending. Pastels are sticks of ground pigment mixed with chalk and gum or oil, which are then shaped into drawing sticks. Pastel painting began some 250 years ago, though even today some painters use this medium.

Life and Works

 Christian Culver is a talented contemporary architect and painter. He got his training from the University of Florida and State University of New York. Christian blends his knowledge of design, structure, photography and color in his paintings. The main themes of the pastel paintings of Christian Culver include abstract, architecture and figurative. His works mainly combine shapes, colors, forms and citygraphs. The pastel paintings of Christian Culver translate a physical reality into a two-dimensionalconstructed map.

He uses very bold and bright colors in his works. He believes that it is the coalescence of various ideas, experiences, colors, images, feelings and the blending of our imaginations which produces great works.

Feats and Accolades

Christian Culver won the Silver prize in the Nagoya, Japan-based International Design Competition. There are many galleries in Atlanta where the pastel paintings of Christian Culver are exhibited. Some of his famous paintings are Windows 3, Mountain 1, Atlanta, Coalescent Constructions 48 and others. The pastel paintings of Christian Culver have also been published in many magazines and chronicles. He has also worked on commission for Home Builders Association and Western Asset Management.

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