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Derek Culley

Acrylic paintings are done with acrylic paints which are fast-drying and become water-resistant when they dry. Hand-mixing is not very suitable for acrylic paints as they dry up very soon. Acrylic painters modify the texture, appearance, hardness, flexibility and other characteristics of the surface using acrylic mediums.

Early Life:

Derek Culley is a contemporary artist who was born and brought up in Dublin but presently based in England. Culley is the founder member and chairman of Celtic vision. Most of the acrylic paintings of Derek Culley are abstract. As a young man, his visual imagination was stimulated by early Celtic carvings which were exhibited at the National Museum in Durban. He is deeply inspired by the works of Irish painters G.Dillon, S.O’ Colmain, A.Armstrong and C. Middleton. The language he uses for his paintings is Abstract Expressionism with a touch of Celtic and some other references.

This leads to a lot of cross-references and at times his subjects can remain embedded in a welter of signs and marks. The final results have considerable imaginative impact and impressive power. He has a strong passion for strong colors and bold forms.

Famous Works:

Some of the well-known acrylic paintings of Derek Culley are, Love Is The Key The Union, Angels and Trinity, You Follow- I Lead, Blixed and Dancing In The Soul Light among others. He has done many solo as well group exhibitions. The Southport Arts Centre gallery has a huge collection of the acrylic paintings of Derek Culley.

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