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Devajyoti Ray

Devajyoti Ray has his own grammar of painting. His experimentation with Pseudo-realism involves the depiction of regular scenes from everyday life in an offbeat manner. His paintings do not show clear countenance or shapes, everything it seems is bathed in a blaze of colors, and yet the over all meaning is very much discernable. He is considered to be the “rising new star” of the Indian art scene and is also one of the very few proponents of Pseudo-Realism in India.

Devajyoti Ray- His Life

Devajyoti Ray was born in 1974 in Calcutta. He studied economics in the prestigious Presidency College, Calcutta. He then went on to pursue his Master Degree from Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi. Ray, who presently alternates between living in Bangalore and Calcutta, has held various exhibitions of his works, in India and around the world.


Pseudo-Realism is a visual arts style, in which a somewhat distorted view of reality is presented. Reality is depicted through abstract symbols and off-beat color schemes. A conscious effort is made to use popular imagery to make the art more potent. Pseudo-Realism is closely associated with Graphic Art. It also employs images to convey a specific and persuasive message to a large audience.

Devajoyti Ray – His Art

Though realistic in terms of theme and proportion, Devajyoti Ray paintings have the ability to assume metaphorical dimensions if seen from the perspective of color-scheme and use of symbols. He has the rare capacity to balance theme and content. His successful balancing of colors and contours gives his painting a look of perfect harmony.

Devajyoti Ray is an artist who is still in the process of creating a body of work and one will be doing him a grave injustice if one tries to constrict him in one definite mould. At this point of time, when he is still at the nascent stage of his career, one can only marvel at the possibilities this young painter promises.

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