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Dina Nath Walli

Dina Nath Walli is one of the better-known Kashimri Pandit Painters of India. The idyllic beauty of Kashmir is faithfully recreated in his canvases. The childhood memories of days spent in the beautiful valley of Srinagar left an indelible impact in his mind. Most of his paintings are an attempt to recreate those very memories.

After completing his initial education in Srinagar,he came down to Calcutta to pursue art. In 1936 he decided to return to Srinagar and chose landscape painting as his medium of expression. His works quickly garnered much acclaim and in 1939 he was awarded a Gold Medal by the Government of Kashmir. He was also recognized by the Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta and was awarded a special medal by the academy.

Dina Nath Walli’s Paintings

Dina Nath Walli in his landscape paintings has tried to capture Kashmir in its full glory. Be it Occasional floods in river Jehlum or visits to Gulmarg, every facet of Kasmiri life is faithfully documented. His paintings might not score in the imagination factor but they certainly are important specimen of an idyllic way of life that no longer exists.

Some of his famous Landscape Paintings are-
  • Circular Road Gulmarg
  • Dal Lake in Summer
  • A Street on the Bund
  • Nangaparbat from Gulmarg
  • A Riverside Temple
  • Houseboats on Nigin Lake
  • Akbar’s Bridge
  • Houseboat in Moonlight
  • Road to Pirpanchal
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