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Emilie Cross

Acrylic painting is done with fast-drying acrylic paints which contain pigments suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. These paints were commercially available from 1950’s and were primarily mineral spirit based paints. The fast drying speed of acrylic paints can be reduced with the use of retarders and these paints are very easy to use for some painters.

Life and Works :

Emilie Cross is one of the modern acrylic painters who lives at Los Angeles, USA. She describes the process of painting as a complete obliteration or complete escape of oneself onto the canvas with the help of varied colors. The fantasies of memories are the basic foundations of the acrylic paintings of Emilie Cross.

She believes in the complete presentation of her dreams in a single painting, that which cannot be presented again in any other painting. She aims to achieve the ultimate stage in her works where there is no more pain or pleasure and even the fantasy is obliterated. The main themes of the acrylic paintings of Emilie Cross are abstract, Americana and undecided. She uses very bright colors in her acrylic paintings which are mainly abstract.

Some of the renowned acrylic paintings of Emilie Cross include The Dark Before Dawn, In the Zoo, Manic, Concrete Jungle, Open Faced and Self Portrait. The exhibitions of the Acrylic Painting of Emilie Cross have been held at Times Square Gallery, 2nd Street Gallery and Boardner's Hollywood Gallery.

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