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Eve Co

Early Life:

Eve Co was born and raised in California. She always nursed a secret passion for art. During her childhood she moved around a lot that caused her to become very shy and withdrawn. Eve Co doesn't remember a lot about her childhood or her art during that time. But she remembers one of her teachers commenting on her talent when she was only in kindergarten. Eve Co did not take any art classes until she was 25 years old. She completed only half a semester of college. For her it was enough. It changed Eve Co's life forever.

Eve Co began painting regularly in 1987. Painting was her escape from the drudgery of real life. Eve Co has taught herself to paint by reading books on painting and artists. The specialty of her paintings is her lack of knowledge about accepted rules of art. She refuses to take lessons because she feels hat her creativity will be destroyed. Eve Co paints a lot of still-life to teach herself on colors and shading. Sometimes the learning process involved in her work makes her frustrated, but Eve Co endures it silently so as to improve herself. Eve Co does not follow a particular style of work.

Her abstracts are expressions of deep seated emotions. Eve Co believes that her art is her partner through life. As long as she has art, she will never be alone.

Famous Works
Eve Cos famous works include Lone Pagoda Two, Love Chinese Symbol, Strength Symbol, Happiness Chinese Symbol, and Pagoda Series Two.
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