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Evelina Craven


Evelina Craven is a Latin American artist who specializes in oil paintings Her full name is Evelina Riberio Craven. She is Portuguese on her father's side and Brazilian on her mother's side. She was born in Brazil and spent a part of her life there. Evelina Craven comes from an artistic family and has been painting since her adolescence. She is a scientist by qualification and a painter by profession. Evelina Craven has B.Sc from Brazil and PhD degrees from London. She moved to London in 1972 to finish her Post Graduate studies in science. Evelina Craven used to work as a scientist in Brazil. Later she decided to move to England permanently. After shifting to UK she started painting full time. She joined The College of Art and Design at St Albans in UK. In 1993 Evelina Craven graduated with a BA in fine arts. Evelina Craven is a mother of 4 children.

Painting Style:

Evelina Craven's upbringing in a tropical country influenced her work a lot. Bright are a prevalent factor in her paintings. Evelina Craven has developed her own generic style, which is more extensive than the common styles preferred by galleries. Her works have mysterious themes. Evelina Craven uses emotions and feelings from the imagination and sub-conscious mind to provide the creative drive for her work. She does not paint reality, just interpretations of feelings to portray the union of body and soul.

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