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Gus Ocamposilva

Life and Education:

Gus Ocamposilva is a contemporary Colombian artist who mainly does sculpture and paintings. He presently lives in Clearwater. He studied Muralism at Massana School of Barcelona and painting styles at Barcelona University, Spain. His artworks are a representation of the world he was brought up in; the Andes and the Tropics, a world which is full of colors and multi-cultural roots. Gus Ocamposilva created his own style with character using the movement of the human forms and empty spaces to consolidate shadows, giving expression and originality to all his art works. He shows the sensibility of the human spirit in his sculptures and paintings.

Philosophy Behind Paintings:

Gus Ocamposilva explores the shapes, empty spaces, colors, sensuality, exuberance for life, the magic and poetry of the human body with powerful colors and forms. He focuses on the relationship between spirit, nature and the mind.

He is obsessed with the human figure and he fights the violence with his art. He along with his wife Lina Ocamposilva has participated in various exhibitions in North America, Atlanta and at other places.  He has won 12 prizes from various countries like Spain, New York, Washington, Miami, Ohio and others.

Famous Works:

Some of the famous paintings of Gus Ocamposilva are Fly of the Condor, Dreams in the Orinoco, Alone, Waterfall Cascada, Colors of Love, Our best Moments among others. Some of his well- known sculptures include Shadow of the Wind, Crossing the Andes, Migrations, Sunset for Two Moons among others. Gus Ocamposilva also does murals and wall-sculptures as well.

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