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Kris Cahill

Acrylic painting is the method of painting with acrylic paint which is a fast drying paint containing pigment suspended in an acrylic polymer emulsion. These paints can be diluted with water but become water-resistant when they dry up. Acrylics were first commercially used in 1950ís. They are more durable than oil paints and have some unique characteristics of themselves.

Kris Cahill is one of the modern painters of acrylic painting (link)who was born in Chicago. Kris has always loved color, fabric and fashion since her childhood. She went to the Art Institute of Chicago where she first learnt fashion designing but gradually became interested in vinyl painting. Her early works were mostly hilarious, quite different in style than what she does today. The themes of her painting include tree and leaves, abstracts, hearts, sky and water, land and earth and others. All the acrylic paintings of Kris Cahill have two stories, one on the surface and other beneath, running simultaneously. Her technique is to make clear vinyl paintings reverse to the acrylic paints. She uses colors to depict the energy of the object.

Kris Cahill has participated in many exhibitions in Chicago and many galleries over there have her works on display. Many books have also been published about her work. Some of the famous acrylic paintings of Kris Cahill include Self Portrait with Pope, Eve was Framed, The Nuclear Housewife, Red Passion Heart, The Sea Dream, Abstract Passion and others.

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