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Laxman Shreshtha

Laxman Shreshtha can be regarded as the archetype of the successful artist. His popularity amongst both the mass and the class will stand testimony to that fact. His viewers are bowled over by the seemingly effortless production of exquisite oils and watercolors that transcends the realm of ordinary emotions and perceptions. However Shrestha the person is still the restless artist struggling towards the realization of that elusive stage of consummate harmony. And he is still human enough to be gratified by public adulation, but he is much too aware of the responsibility that comes with such expectations.

Laxman Shreshtha was born in Nepal in 1939. He received his formal training in art at the prestigious Sir J.J. School of Art and then there was no looking back. He went from strength to strength exhibiting his works in as diverse places as Maisons des Beaux- Arts, Paris, Salle de la Press, French Foreign Ministry, Paris, First Triennale of World Art, New Delhi, Baltimore and San Francisco, U.S. and Gallery Friencrich, Cologne.

Laxman Shreshtha Paintings

Shreshtha has always acted on his impulses and his oils and watercolors are becoming increasingly abstract with each passing exhibition. This distinguished abstractionist has never flinched in sacrificing a body of images sanctified by popularity, and at times to even risk the incomprehension of his devout fan following. While maintaining his commitment to the style he has evolved over the last three decades, he has always extended himself through fresh expressive possibilities. He is indeed one artist who has always been uncompromisingly true to his artistic impulses.

His abstract works are marked by a sensuous and meditative interplay of colors. Sometimes we are transported to the mountain peaks of his native Kathmandu, the pristine white light of snow capped mountains shine through the opacity of dull colors creating a dazzling effect and leaving the viewer almost breathless.

Shreshtha lives and works in Mumbai.

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